I’ve got a great background for the “read” part of Life Well Read. Dr. Seuss books at my grandparents house are a favorite memory. Elementary school was adventures with Anne, the Boxcar children and Encyclopedia Brown. Gone With the Wind and Jane Eyre were a couple high school standbys. College brought me Willa Cather, Janet Evanovich, Alexander McCall Smith, and the poetry of Emily Carr.

Currently, I read whatever catches my eye at the libraries where I work and there is almost always a book book streaming in my Mini Cooper.

I’m not well-read, but when I read, I read well.

Kurt Cobain

The “well” section has been more of a challenge but I’ve made great strides. In 2022, I made a commitment to not fall prey to the many avoidable health concerns that can hit you as you hit and pass the middle of life’s journey. To follow through, I have made progress with the choice of what fuels my body and with my visits to the local gym.

Being active and well in life has made a huge difference and given me energy to put into practice so much of what I have read.

With this blog, I’m expending my “life” category. Part of spinning on this globe is sharing and listening. My prayer is that both happen as you scroll through my site.