One of my fondest memories as a kid was going to the Woodland Park Zoo with my grandparents. When my grandson was born, I put taking him to the zoo on my goals list. 

It didn’t work out for summer time, but we finally had a clear Saturday in late October and we took advantage of it. Here’s our iteneria for uor trip with a few tips. 

  • Our grandson spent the night so we could make an early start. We timed it perfectly, arriving at the zoo just as it opened. The weather cooperated with no rain but very overcast to keep the crowds at bay. 
  • We stocked up a cooler with snacks. Next time, we would definitely bring more food. We banked on getting lunch at one of the restaurants. That woked but I think our grandson would have been happier with his favorites from home. 
  • The best choice we made was borrowing a wagon from a friend. This worked great. Throughout most of the day, our little trooper pulled it himself through the park so it worked to keep him close. We also loaded it with our backpacks, cooler and eventually our grandson tired enough to sit in it. 
  • We did sort of a random route through the park. Next time we would maybe study the map a bit more and be sure to hit everything we wanted. Overall, not a tragedy though as we made it to the penguins, sea otters and bears.