Avoid the tulips: where to go this weekend

It’s tulip time in my neck of the woods. That means a lot of visitors are headed to the Skagit Valley to view the beautiful fields of color. It’s an incredible sight, and everyone should see it at least once. Some of my favorite pictures of my kids have tulips as a backdrop. 

But if tulips aren’t your thing, you might need something else to do this weekend. Hre are a few options that are a day trip away from the greater Seattle area. 

With all of these destinations, be sure to follow my five rules for a day trip: Pack a snack your copilot doesn’t like so you don’t have to share; plan games for the drive (check out my list of car games here); find a restaurant with interesting architecture; learn a historical fact about the area; and visit the local library. 


Transport yourself to a Bavarian village for the day. There are shops and restaurants aplenty on the main street. The nature trail that parallels the main street down along the river is something I look forward to. Need a longer excursion? Hikes abound in the area.

Guemes Island

This small island is accessible via a ferry from the north end of Anacortes. A quick trip takes you over the channel. Just feet away, you can have lunch at the Guemes Island General Store. They have food, beer, and a great outdoor seating area, perfect for pets or kids. For an adventure after your lunch, take a scenic drive around the island, or if you are feeling athletic, bring a bike or your walking shoes. 

Langley (Washington)

The fastest way from Seattle is a ferry ride to this destination as well, but if you have the time, a scenic drive to this town is possible as well and includes the incredible Deception Pass Bridge. While in Langley, wander the small shops downtown and grab a bite to eat. Take a breather and enjoy the views from a bench along the waterfront trail and spot some wildlife or maybe a Navy jet doing maneuvers. 


Lake Sacajewa Park was the highlight of our trip to this charming town. You could spend the whole day having a picnic here, wandering the 3.5 miles of trail system, kayaking, fishing or playing games in the grass. If you do pull yourself away from the park, visit the historic downtown area. You can download a walking tour map from the city website. The Carnegie library building is a beautiful spot to visit. 


The ocean beaches of Washington are a great place to spend the day, and Aberdeen is a good starting point to find them. The area has seen some hard times since its founding in the late 1800s. Of course, our visit didn’t have to do with the history; my husband wanted to see where Kurt Cobain grew up. Be sure to visit the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park, and you can view the house where he grew up. 

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  1. Johnny

    Great day trip suggestions. We’ve been wanting to go to Levenworth for some time now…maybe we’ll get to it this year.

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