Weekend Bike Getaway

My husband and I added electric bikes to our transportation fleet earlier this year. So with the weather being cooperative, we decided to do a bicycle getaway weekend. After some frantic last-minute searching, Port Townsend won our reservation based on proximity to our place – not too close but not too far, connection to a highly-recommended bike trail and the availability of a campsite at the nearby state park.  

Here’s a quick rundown with a few dos and don’ts for planning your trip to the Key City. 


Fort Warden is a beautiful park. The bathrooms were clean and in excellent condition. Be sure to tour the lighthouse and learn from the friendly docents about the light which guided sailors for more than 100 years. The lightkeeper’s former quarters are available to rent and tops our list for a future Port Townsend trip. 


Because this was a last-minute trip, the only available spot was in the Beach Loop. Be prepared if you make a reservation in this area, with a cinder block wall to use as a windbreak. When the campsites aren’t reserved, I’m fairly certain they use the area to test wind resistance for airplanes. 


The Larry Scott Memorial Trail is a winding trek that runs for about 7.5 miles from just outside Port Townsend. I am not an avid bicyclist, but this was the first ride where I was actually disappointed to see the mile markers countdown back to the trailhead. There is definitely some elevation gain, so I was grateful for that electric assist. 


The trailhead is a little innocuous. Don’t be put off.. Push through. The ride is worth it. 


Because of the hurricane-level wind at our campsite, we headed into town to explore Water Street. Walking downtown was delightful. Our favorite finds this visit: ​an Alaska book for my grandson (William James Bookseller), bike-friendly directions to our campsite (Broken Spoke bike shop), a Swiss orange dark chocolate chip waffle cone (Elevated Ice Cream), chicken avocado bacon melt (Sirens Pub) and endless mimosas (Quench Waterfront Kitchen & Bar).


Reservations for the ferry will save you time and anxiety. Check out the website and confirm your spot. After almost 2.5 hours of waiting, we just barely made it on the ferry for our ride to Port Townsend. So many miles of missed cycling adventures. Sigh. 


  1. Sarah

    Sounds like a fun weekend! 😊

  2. Glass potato

    Sounds like a great trip might have to go with my scooter

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