What do you do when the snow falls and getting around is a little harder to do? I realized today that I didn’t have a strong list of ideas so I’m prepping for my next snow day. 

Here’s 10 ideas for an unexpected day off:

  1. Organize – I’m a minimalist and I still have the stacks of photos and papers that collect in piles in my closet. Inside days are a great time to spread everything out and make some sense of the chaos. Be brutal. What do you actually need to keep and what is just taking up space? 
  2. Walk – Get outside and experience the beauty of the snow. Take some pictures and just savor God’s creation. It is also a good time to test out your cold weather gear and see if anything needs updated.
  3. Eliminate – My husband works in IT and he is legendary for his slimmed down inbox. Mine not so much. I’m constantly getting warnings from Google that I have exceeded or I’m about to exceed my storage space. Take a minute and go through your emails and purge away. And when the emails are sorted, move on to files, photos and apps. 
  4. Dust – Maybe the chandelier, the ceiling fans or the knicknacks on your shelves. I’m sure there are a few things that get missed in the every day cleaning. Take a minute to spruce up the place and let the dust mites find a new home. 
  5. Clean – And if you are still inspired after all that dusting, keep it going by cleaning some of those spaces you don’t typically get to. Have you pulled out your dryer or refrigerator lately? Maybe under the bed or the window tracks need some TLC. This extra time could be a great opportunity to make even the dimly lit areas of your home sparkle. 
  6. Write – Letter writing is a great way to spend an indoor day. Send off some overdue thank you cards or just encouraging notes to someone you haven’t seen for awhile. Not sure who to write to? Scroll your social media thread. Text five of your friends and ask how they are doing. Go through your contact list or your address book. And don’t worry about being fancy. A folded sheet of paper with a Bible verse or piece of poetry will be a pleasant surprise in someone’s mailbox. 
  7. Craft – Finish up one of those projects that has been waiting for some free time. Don’t have a craft ready to go? Gather possible craft materials you already have in the house and then search the internet for ideas. Create a masterpiece for a neighbor or grandparent.
  8. List – It’s time to plan out the rest of your week, month or year. Take some time to list activities you want to accomplish. Plan your meals and make the list of groceries. Plan out your next shopping to buy clothes or home improvement supplies. Have special events coming up? Write out what you need to do to prepare. Make a list of gifts you need to make or buy for the year. 
  9. Color – I have a stack of coloring books and it feels nice to just sit and fill in the space. Let your thoughts wander as you concentrate on making beauty. Staying in the lines is optional. 
  10. Read – Ahhhhh. This is my favorite. Curl up in a comfy chair. Grab a blanket and plow through your next read. In fact, now seems like a good time to do just that.