The holidays have come and gone and so has that tray of Christmas cookies that were sitting on the kitchen counter. Health regrets are a common occurrence after the holidays. So how can you get back on track after ignoring your healthy routines? 

Here are my 5 tips for getting back to health after the holidays. 

  1. Start fresh

It’s okay to have some setbacks. Own it and move on. Admit your setbacks and unemotionally review what went wrong as well as what went right. Did you say yes to a few holiday treats? Did you eat a few veggies during the holiday party? Did you go for a walk after Christmas dinner? Be thorough about what happened. 

  1. Set a time to start again. 

Don’t keep saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” or “I’ll get back to better eating Monday.” Set a specific date and stick with it. And don’t be afraid to make that date now or Wednesday or the 29th. You don’t have to wait for the new year or the beginning of the week. Do whatever works for you. 

  1. Make a battle plan

Review the list you made of what went right and what went wrong. Create specific strategies for moving forward. Was the breakroom candy dish your downfall? Maybe start chewing gum at work so chocolate doesn’t taste as good. Go for a walk instead of going to the break room. Be specific about how you will battle this obstacle to better health after the holidays. 

  1. Set Accountability

Now that you have a plan, call in reinforcements. Who is someone on your friends list who you can let in on the strategy? Give them a call and let them know what your goal is and when they should check back with you. Be clear about what you need from them. Encouragement? Tough love? Listening ear? 

  1. Reward yourself

Making the switch back to health after the holidays is difficult. Be kind to yourself. Plan a special treat or a shopping trip. Maybe a massage or manicure. Do something to make the pain of getting back on track after the holidays worth it in the short term while you wait for the long-term benefits. 

You can do this! Go live well!