Book grade: B+

The language is very dated.

Target audience: Teens, those who love the classics, someone who is interested in books with a bit of a political focus

Read-alikes: A Conneticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Summary in less than 50 words: Tom Canty and the Prince of England look alike. So when they accidentally switch places, they both have a series of adventures that make them see the world from a different perspective.

How I heard about it: I actually chose this book to help me sleep. When I struggle getting my z’s, I play an audiobook at a slow speed. This book didn’t work. I got so interested in it I had to listen to it during the day as well (at regular speed). 

Why I would recommend? It was fascinating to hear the different traditions of the time. The book is set in 1547. The author wrote it in 1881. It would be a fascinating exercise for a school class to make a list of the cultural things that are very different. 

Why I wouldn’t recommend? The language would definitely make it a struggle for a reluctant reader or early reader.